The Luena Foundation is committed to helping kids in need all over the world. Our bylaws state that our purpose is to raise funds for charitable and educational projects in developing countries and distribute funds, materials and supplies to institutions in such countries in an effort to provide education, health services and charitable assistance to impoverished children. Candidates for grants must undergo an evaluation by members of the Foundation, after which our Board of Directors will hold a vote.
All charities must incur reasonable expenses to raise donations and provide proper oversight of their activities. In our case, The Luena Foundation DOES NOT pay any employee salaries, and is entirely powered by its volunteers. In the future, it will allocate some funds towards accounting services, banking fees, and government filing fees, all of which will be transparent in our annual filing. All that said, the founders are committed to absorbing the majority of the administrative costs.
The Board of Directors of the Luena Foundation have not established an exact amount that must be given away each year as we want the Foundation to be able to be self-sustaining and grow its base while donating meaningfully throughout the year. Our annual levels of distributions will be dependent on the amount of money we are able to raise each year and our goal is to donate more each subsequent year than the year prior.
That is our intention. The Foundation is in the process of becoming a registered charity in Spain. If requested, a receipt can be issued accordingly for donations received by the Foundation. Please contact for for further inquiries regarding this matter.
Because the Foundation is in formation, we do not currently have published financial records. Once we become a registered charity, you will be able to locate them on our website or you can send us an email at and we will answer any direct questions that you might have. One of our core principles is to be completely open and transparent in all of our affairs.
The Luena Foundation has relies on several sources for its funding. Our main sources of income are from: A) a yearly endowment from our founders, Ryan and Emily Rauch; B) gifts and donations from our associates and the public; C) galas or charity events; D) third-party “solidarity” fundraisers; E) raffles and auctions; F) profits from the merchandise we sell; and G) public grants and endowments.
We are a registered Delaware LLC corporation in the United States of America, but our team is located all over the world! Our founders, Ryan and Emily Rauch, call El Gastor, Spain, home. Our tiny town is a typical Andalusian “pueblo blanco” and sits at the foot of the Grazalema and Ronda mountains. Come visit us!
The Luena Foundation is in its infancy and hence, has not yet received any government funding. That said, it is our goal to submit various applications over the next 12-months in order to seek aid from various town halls, the government, banks and various other organizations here in Spain.
Absolutely not! The Luena Foundation respects the rights and privacy of its donors. Any personal information that you provide is used exclusively to process your donation, maintain records of all contributions and to keep you informed of the latest news and fundraising initiatives. And you can opt out of communications at any time.
Yes. You can make a donation by credit card using Stripe or PayPal through our website. You can also make a direct contribution via bank transfer to the Luena Foundation account at Caixa bank. The IBAN number and banking information is as follows: IBAN: ES94 2100 8519 75 0200029072; SWIFT: CAIXEBBXXX
If your organization would like to apply for funding you should send an email / inquiry to and a representative from the Luena Foundation will get in touch with you. Please provide details of your organization and how a donation will directly impact children in need.
The Luena Foundation will infrequently make grants to individuals but the vetting / due diligence process will be extremely extensive. We prefer to donate to organizations we know personally and trust, but we will also consider direct grants to individuals if there is a great need and on a case by case basis.
- Political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts - Organizations that do not serve the needs/interest of children - Projects that exclusively serve religious purposes - Projects where the Founders might have a personal interest