Be the change on #GivingTuesday!

On this #GivingTuesday, we’re pleased to announce that the Luena Foundation was recently granted 501(c)(3) status!  That makes us an officially recognized public charity, and any donation you make is tax-deductible per U.S. IRS law.

Since our inception, we have spent 100% of our resources on programs that help people in need. In addition, our founders match every dollar that goes toward the foundation’s work in the field.

Together you can help us make an impact around the world for young people and their families living in vulnerable communities. Your generous donation can help…

  • Create safe educational spaces for children where they can play and grow in South American cities that are currently facing political unrest (Chile, Bolivia)
  • Provide assistance to refugee families from Venezuela by helping them meet their basic needs and launch small businesses
  • Finance workshops for girls and young women in slums that help them acquire skillsets that lead economic opportunities (Argentina)
  • Help youngsters stay in school in areas where the illiteracy rate among 12 year-olds is more than 50%, leading to high drop-out rates

There is no better time to join the Luena team as we grow and expand our efforts to continue a legacy of love. Click here to make a donation!


Note: Our new tax-deductible status is retroactive through December 2018.  Any past donations made after this date are tax-deductible as well!



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