Our Focus Areas


“For it is in giving that we receive.” ―St. Francis of Assisi

In the spirit of Luena’s life-giving donation, we seek to continue her legacy and help children around the world who have been impacted by circumstances outside of their control.

The Luena Foundation works with with native experts to support local-level organizations and programs that focus on the following areas:

Nutrition, Healthcare & General Well-Being

  • Organizations that focus on providing the critical basic and medical needs of children (food, clean water, shelter, clothing, antibiotics, vaccines and emergency medical treatments or humanitarian medical transfers).
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Kids With Special Needs

  • Organizations that focus on children whose childhood experience has been greatly impacted by a life-limiting chronic medical condition (i.e. Down’s, chronic illness, cancer, cerebral palsy).

Music, Arts and General Education

  • Organizations that support educational entrepreneurs that are able to create local change within poor and marginalized communities.  
  • Organizations that seek to provide educational opportunities to girls where they are otherwise disenfranchised by a lack of gender equality