Interview with Radio Berlín, Buenos Aires, Argentina: June 2019

Click to hear the interview (IN SPANISH)

In this interview with Ana Paula Vitelli of Radio Berlín, Ryan and Emily, the founders of the Luena Foundation, describe the mission and mindset of their foundation, and how their life choices have impacted them as a family traveling with young children.  They further discuss the Foundation’s specific aims in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Latin America as a whole as they promote first and foremost their belief that a child in need is a child in need, regardless of what country they call home.

Radio Berlín is a platform that presents content and music with a “Life Style” approach that adapts to the habits and tendencies of young people who are leading the way with new developments and ideas about the world in which they live.

Their programs are distinguished by their international guests: renowned journalists of gastronomy, culture, wines, travel, books, music, technology, health, art, drinks and sports.



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