Luena Foundation Announces Joint Collaboration With Open To Change LLC

The Luena Foundation is proud to announce a joint venture with Open to Change, LLC to better the lives of children and their families in the New York City area. Open To Change (OTC),  founded formally in 2012, is a grassroots movement that focuses on improving the lives of under-served workers and their families in the New York City Metropolitan area. It aims at providing ‘food justice’: the fair distribution of healthy, affordable food. Darren Harley, the founder of  OTC, has been focused on helping people in the NYC area for close to 20 years and, like the Luena Foundation, believes that all humans have the fundamental right to to flourish and grow.

Both OTC and the Luena Foundation are proud to introduce the Luena Scholars Project. Candidates for this project are young New Yorkers that embody the quality of a leader, self-starter, and giver; all personality traits of the young girl who inspires our journey: Luena.  OTC will donate scholarships to young people whose aim is to start reparations projects of their own that address the concerns, disrepair and inequities that they witness in the community around them. A Luena Scholarship will focus on leveraging the power of art, music, self-expression and other means to empower young people to effect positive change in their New York community.  Open To Change, in conjunction with the Luena Foundation, has raised $2,500 for the Luena Scholars Project to date, with a goal of reaching $30,000. All enquiries regarding project submissions and/or donations to the Luena Scholars Project should be directed to the team of advisers at OTC, available through this link.



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