Cameroon is in the midst of a multi-faceted humanitarian crisis and it is estimated that more than 3.2 million children, many of whom are refugees, lack access to clean water, basic health services and education.

Our projects in Cameroon have targeted several schools in the southwest of the country where refugee and IDP children (internally displaced persons) have sought to resume their schooling after fleeing their homes during the ongoing Anglophone crisis. Various projects have involved: constructing latrines, installing fresh drinking water systems, restoring a school whose roof had been torn off by storms, providing textbooks, classroom furniture and other educational materials, and implementing a key security upgrade on the second-story of a school.

For more information about our our partners and projects, follow the links below.

Action For Change

3 Projects

Muea School Project 1: Latrine & Clean Drinking Water

Kombo School: Latrine & Clean Drinking Water

Muea School Project 2: School Roof Restoration, desks & basic school supplies


2 Projects

Likoko Primary School Project 1: School furniture and other essential school supplies

Likoko Primary School Project 2: Latrine Reconstruction


Bekoko Community Primary School: Gender Sensitive and Handicap-Accessible Latrine Construction, Rainwater Harvesting Tank


Tiko Community Primary School: School desks & Critical Security Upgrades to Second Story (balusters and guard/hand rails)

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