The Luena Foundation and UKSD Get the Ball Rolling

The Luena Foundation is extremely excited to announce our partnership with United Kidz Soccer Development (UKSD)!



UKSD is an amazing organization working around the globe to improve the lives of children and youth through soccer development and community outreach programs. UKSD currently has programs established throughout the United States, as well as in the West Indies, Kenya, and Jordan, with partners spanning the globe into areas of South America and Europe. Their mission is to engage and connect youth to their communities, educate them on social inequalities and injustices, and empower them to make a difference, all through a shared love of soccer. The kids involved in their programs enjoy free soccer clinics, and are also expected to be involved, and to find ways to combat the harsh realities facing their communities ranging from childhood homelessness, to poverty and hunger, mental health and substance abuse, and more. UKSD is striving to develop athletes, all while teaching them to give back to their own communities, and to be conscientious citizens of the world. So far, UKSD has impacted the lives of over 9,000 youth around the globe by providing food and school supplies, soccer equipment and free clinics, clothing donations, and more. We at the Luena Foundation are honored to be able to forces and to help spread their mission of “Helping the Community Through Soccer”.


We are very optimistic about the prospect of collaborating on projects that will create lasting change for the children that we meet in South America and around the globe. UKSD has been looking for new ways to expand their projects globally, and as the Luena Foundation begins to travel further into other countries and communities around South America, we will be involving and helping to establish programs that UKSD can share in and be a part of. Finding opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations dedicated to empowering, educating, and improving the lives of youth is not only our goal, but is our promise to Luena to continue her ‘Legacy of Love.’ In the coming weeks, we will update you on our journey and share how the Luena Foundation and UKSD are working together to empower and strengthen communities and the lives of children!



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