What We Do

Luena Foundation teams up with innovative community-based organizations whose grassroots efforts are aimed at stamping out the underlying causes of child poverty.


We go deep in the field to uncover small, growing organizations that are dedicated to serving and safeguarding vulnerable children around the world by protecting their basic human rights.


We are listeners. Whether it’s over numerous cups of tea with the village elders or a series of Zoom conference calls, our aim is to foster a deep understanding of the community’s needs and build trust between us and our partners.


After completing both our application and due-diligence process, we provide our partner organizations a one-time, simplified, flexible cash grant. Our funding is invested 100% locally and is designed to kick-start vital projects so that they create an immediate yet lasting impact for the children that they serve.


Where possible, we connect the local leaders that we partner with other similar organizations with in order to build up their capacity for creating long-term sustainable change in their respective communities. By forming alliances that last, we put and children and their families first.


100% of our funding goes directly to the local communities where we work.  That way, the donations we receive have the most impact where it truly matters.


By incorporating the community in identifying, planning and implementing projects, we have found that long-term outcomes are always better.  We require a 25% mutual community investment (in-kind or financial) for all projects that we fund.


Within every one of us, and within every community that we work with, there exists the capacity to regenerate, to improve, to grow stronger.  We believe that a community’s resilience is reflected in the leaders it puts forward, and with a little bit of support, together we can help them put their children first.

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