Our Principles

What are the core values we adhere to? Learn about our decision-making process and the ethical commitment we make to both our partners and donors.

We take personal responsibility for upholding all of our core values while remaining dedicated to our mission. We strive to use our resources efficiently to achieve measurable results that have a positive impact on the children and communities where we work.

We go to great lengths to research and understand the political, economic, social, and cultural impact of our giving. We seek to leverage expertise at the local level to help guide our efforts.

We recognize and honor human diversity. We believe that in order to engage with children in a spirit of caring, compassion and cooperation, we must first understand and respect their unique situations and way of life. First and foremost, we seek to cultivate trust.

Just as Luena lived her life, it is our mandate to treat every individual equitably. We focus on people as the the unique individuals that we all are, regardless of race, color, nationality, gender, profession, sexual orientation, religious or political creed.

To remain financially independent, Luena Foundation relies on individual donors, and primarily on a yearly endowment from two of our founders, Ryan and Emily Rauch. The Foundation does not currently have any paid employees (a big thank you to all our volunteers!), nor does it pay pay rent or other general expenses. Our rigorous strategy for keeping costs low allows us to make the greatest possible impact per donation and to be free and impartial to make decisions in the best interests of children.

While we solely focus on improving the lives of children around the world, the founders of Luena Foundation are open to helping in a variety of creative matters. We pledge to be flexible and open-minded, and we welcome collaboration with other organizations and individuals.

We aspire to the highest standards of personal honesty and we never compromise the reputation of Luena Foundation, its donors or its grantees. Fiduciary responsibility, legal compliance, and administrative oversight are critical to our organization and our philanthropic activities.

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