About Us

Luena Foundation was conceived to raise funds and provide grants and sponsorships in order to improve the quality of life of underprivileged children and impoverished families throughout the world; to leverage local knowledge to investigate, finance and strengthen innovative organizations and/or projects that are helping needy children and their communities at their local level, and; to fund projects pertaining to arts and education, health initiatives, nutrition, sports activities, and more.


Community-based, sustainable development that transforms the lives of the most vulnerable

Our Inspiration

Who was Luena? Find out how her memory is inscribed in every child we reach and how her legacy inspires everything we do.

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Our Model

We find, vet and fund projects and programs that are positively impacting children and young people at their local level.

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Theory of Change

Here's our blueprint for provoking positive, sustainable change change for vulnerable children living in marginalized communities.

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Our Principles

What are the core values we adhere to? Learn about our decision-making process and the ethical commitment we make to both our partners and donors.

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Our Team

Meet the individuals behind Luena Foundation who are inspired to continue Luena's legacy.

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Our Financials

Your donation is invested directly in locally-led grassroots projects and organizations whose mission is to create a more compassionate world for children everywhere.

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